“Women Who Love Too Much” Book Review


I read this book in 12 hours because I could not put it down. After a series of failed relationships, I decided the one thing all these guys had in common was me and I picked up the book to figure out my responsibility in those relationships. Norwood gives a detailed account of how women who often come from abusive homes during childhood get involved with men who help them recreate this abusive behavior in their relationships. This sounds bizarre, but we all are creatures of habit and tend to cleave to what is familiar. This is not a book that simply blames men and supports the idea that women are victims. Norwood directs her readers to look at their past for clues as to why they are attracting destructive men, then accept responsibility for their role in dysfunctional relationships and finally take the steps needed to have healthy relationships in the future. I am now in “recovery” from dysfunctional relationships and working on loving and healing myself.

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