“it’s not about the money” Book Review

A few weeks ago, my desire to get my financial house in order prompted a visit to my local library. Once there, I discovered Brent Kessel’s book, “it’s not about the money.” Typically, financial books which take a new age approach are a real turn-off. Those books usually include too many anecodotal accounts of families struggling with their finances while offering few realistic solutions regarding wealth building. Kessel offers a different angle to money and spirituality. He classifies people into 8 primary archetypes. They include: “The Guardian,” “The Saver,” “The Pleasure Seeker,” “The Star,” “The Empire Builder,” “The Idealist,” “The Caretaker,” and “The Innocent.”  Kessel artfully crafts the archetypes without passing judgement or alienating readers. Each archetype allows readers the space to critically examine their own habits with money. Kessel urges readers to find balance. Ideally, we should all strive to inhabit the positive characteristics from archetype.

According to Kessel, the key to understanding ones archetype(s) is by discovering ones Core Story surrounding money. As a “The Pleasure seeker” who uses money to enjoy experiences in the present, I am no better or worse than “The Saver” who believes in putting money away for a rainy day. The only difference is motivation. According to Kessel, when it comes to money, most of us are either primarily motivated by fear or worry. Breaking free of this negative thinking will enable readers to use money in more positive ways.

The book is broken into two major parts. The first half consist of readers learning about their Core Story and individual archetypes, while the second half deals with concrete ideas on money matters (investing, insurance, taxes, savings, cash flowing, philanthropy, etc.) based on ones archetype. Easy to read and difficult to put down, this book is recommended for anyone looking to relate to their finances in a positive way.

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